Wednesday, 3 February 2010


So hello *waves*
Welcome to my brand new blog. I'm not entirely sure if setting this up now is the best idea, as the new semester starts next week, and its destined to be a busy one, so we'll see how long this survives. But right now I should be revising virology, so I need a distraction :)

Its been a life-changing couple of weeks. I have made some big decisions in the past two weeks, and had some made for me. I'm still struggling to decide if those were the right decisions. But I'm trying to put everything behind me, move forward and start the new semester as a new me!

Some of you may know me from my previous blog, Tales From Turku. Well, just to update, from where I left off. I returned to the UK, and had planned to return to Turku to complete a masters, and to be with my Finnish boyfriend. Recently I have decided that I just cant leave my family and friends and I dont have the money to go straight back to Finland, which meant the end for me and my boyfriend. As sad as it is, I think I made the right decision. My family have come to mean too much to me in the past few months, and I just cant leave them again.

As for other goings on. After returning from Finland, I gourged myself of home comforts and put on half a stone in one month. So I joined Slimming World, and have now lost over 2 stone! Having done weight watchers in the past, I would highly recommend Slimming World. Its so much easier to stick to in the long run! I weigh again tonight, but have had a bad week health wise (both mental and physical) and exams have got in the way of me concentrating. So we'll see how well I do. Also I have joined the gym. Shock horror! I hardly go to the actual gym, but there are Zumba classes every week, which I love. And I go to the occasional Step Aerobics too. They are building a big sports complex about 30mins walk away with a swimming pool, so when that opens I'll be going to that pretty often too I think. I love swimming :)

Other than that its just been work work work. I have my dissertation coming up, which I've been worrying about a bit given that we only just got ethical approval. We're studying the effect of melatonin on postprandial insulin secretion. In case your interested. Which I am. Luckily.

The only other thing thats been going on thats worth mentioning is of course the return of Sounds of Europe, the radio show I do with my lovely housemate and best friend, Rachel. It airs on 1350AM GU2 radio in the Guildford area at 9pm mondays, or you can listen back for up to one week at Its full of wonderful music. Such as the song I'm going to leave you with now. Its called The Best Is Yet To Come by Novastar, and I think its quite fitting for my current frame of mind...


Rachel said...

*Waves back*

It was definitely the right decision.What with that,Sounds of Europe being fun to do again,and a1's comeback- life is all peachy :)

I like that slimming blog,there's some nice things on there.

Keira said...

I havent really had a proper look at it yet, but it was mentioned at slimming world on wednesday, so had a quick look and seems they have some good recipes. Might give me some ideas when I have the time.