Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Ouch My Head

Goodness me, the last few days have been a blur. I'm feeling a bit worse for wear today after an unexpected night out, which resulted in the consumption of far too much red wine and not a lot of sleep. Wednesday is the only day of the week where I have a 9am start, so why oh why did I decide to stay out on a tuesday. I still feel decidedly hungover. And I'm out dancing again tonight, at a silent headphone disco. I don't intend to drink... much. Anyway, I did have fun last night, so it was all worth while. If I can just survive tonight, then I can sleep all day tomorrow.

Tonight I also go a weighing :) I have stuck to it religiously the week. Until the wine last night of course. But I haven't been able to stomach anything more than cous cous today, so that should make up for my sins. I'll be weighing in 2 hours and I'm not sure I'll be eating before then, so lets hope for a good loss, haha.

Other news this week. Lectures are hardcore. But I've been enjoying them (well, more than usual at least). Also, my murder mystery social for the court life mentor scheme is finally coming together. Its on tuesday, and I'm looking forward to it, and want to get it over and done with at the same time. Just so I can go back to concentrating on more pressing matters, such as my looming dissertation presentation!

Gonna post a song to liven things up. I'm listening to Dima Bilans latest album, and this is my favourite song. Its rather good...


Rachel said...

Hmm yeah,how did what was supposed to be a few quiet drinks turn into hangover for you and massive embarassment for me? Oh yes,I remember,it was my fault :) Fahrenheit next time I think.Nothing bad happens at Fahrenheit.

Keira said...

Yes, we shall return to Farenheit and sit upstairs on the balcony again where we can observe all the drunkenness without actually getting involved :)