Thursday, 4 February 2010

Going Home For The Weekend

Yes, I am finally heading home after what seems like forever. I spent just a week at home for Christmas before spending new years in Turku, and then having to rush straight back to Guildford due to the snow. The last four weeks have then included study study and more study. So I cant wait to get home, see my family, pick up some clean clothes, and have a good old fashioned night out in Hertford with my home crew. Its gonna be good. Just the unfortunate matter of a 2 hour exam on human viruses to get through first. Yesterday, I was reminded of a band called Traffic that took part in the Estonian national selection for eurovision last year, and have been listening to some of their other stuff on youtube. I rather like this one, a duet with Maaraja called Meie Laul (our song), and have been playing it for the last two days while studying. Unfortunately it may now forever be tied in my mind to the Norovirus :/


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