Sunday, 21 February 2010

Film Review; Valentine's Day

Yesterday me and Rach went to see Valentines Day in the cinema. We had a moan about how the cost of a cinema ticket had gone up so much in the past few years. But the film was pretty good in the end. Given the chick flick binge me and Rach have been on lately (Bridget Jones 1&2, Notting Hill, 27 Dresses, Ugly Truth, Bride Wars and possibly another one I've forgotten), we thought we'd go check out this one on the big screen. Judging from the trailor, it looked like an american version of Love Actually. But in my opinion it was missing something, something wasn't quite right. I think there was too much going on, and in too shorter space of time (the plot taking place entirely on valentines day). All this resulted in poor character and plot development. That being said, it was a entertaining film and worth a look. With an undenialbly good (and attractive) cast, btw. Just don't expect too much...

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