Friday, 26 February 2010

This Weeks Roundup

So this week has been fairly productive. I finished the intro to my dissertation, just need to proof read and then send off to my supervisors for review. I finished the most boring essay I've ever written about antihyperglcaemic drugs. I learnt how to do the radioimmunassay for melatonin for my dissertation, which apparently didnt come out too badly for a first try :) I get to practice again next week. I went shopping for the trails, and bought;
  • 4 loaves of burgen bread
  • 4 boxes of all bran
  • 9 ready-meal Lasagnes
  • 21 apricot muller lights
  • 21 banana's
and a load of other stuff too. Needless to say we looked a bit nutty at the checkout. And it came to £70, which I'm hoping to be reimbursed for soon. On the plus, I got a shedload of clubcard points out of it. And a voucher for 5p off every litre of petrol. If only I had a car, hehe.

The other big thing that happened this week was the murder mystery party I had to organise for the court of residence that I mentor, as a part time job while living on campus. It was a lot of stress, and wasnt sure that it wasnt going to be a complete disaster! But luckily people turned up, and they threw themselves into it, and were all good sports. So on the whole I think it was a success.

Oh, and I bought a size 18 pair of jeans today!!! Hurrah! So even if I didnt loose weight this week, I can still celebrate that I'm at my lowest weight in years, and evidently my lowest dress size in a while too :)

On another note. I hate Odeon cinema's. There customer care is appauling.

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