Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Protein Kinase A

Not much to update on this week. Feeling revitalised and optimistic about the upcoming semester! The timetable is good, and I have plenty of things to look forward to, including a friends birthday party on the weekend. Today I have been a super busy bee, and have written another 2 pages of my dissertation! That brings the total to 5. Out of 60. Hmm. Anyway, look, I drew a beautiful picture in word to explain the action of PKA in melatonin synthesis...


EuropeCrazy said...

Nothing to do with science but I'm just listening to the first hour of Sounds of Europe on GU2's Listen Back and grinning like a complete nutcase because you mentioned me again :))) and my close personal Melodifestivalen-qualifying-friend - "him and her are like that" ha ha!!! Yes I hope I can get to meet him again next month!! Anyway I'm absolutely thrilled he got through and delighted that he's made a lot of new fans through it all. I suppose he is still thought of as 'indie' in Sweden which is quite funny as I've never really thought of him that way.

And now "Take You Home" - still totally love that song and very disappointed that boring Didrik-Tangent-Thingy beat them :( oh well I suppose he's quite decent looking so that's some consolation I guess.

(By the way it's nice to have 'listen back' working again as it didn't work for me for a couple of weeks when I missed the show)

Keira said...

Didrik-Tangen-thingy, hehe. I like that term. Luckily Rach's obsession with him seems to have depleted somewhat of late. I don't think I could take much more! I am still sad for A1, but hoping an album will follow soon anyway. And I'm so glad for Salem. We tried to find a copy of the song to play on the show but couldn't find a decent version. Might have to play one of his others in the meantime. So glad to hear your still listen (and enjoying!) the show :)