Thursday, 18 February 2010

Headphone Disco et al.

So last night the union here at my uni was holding a headphone disco (or sometimes called a silent disco). The idea is there are two DJs playing different tunes, but its played silently over what I can imagine is some sort of radio wave. Everyone in the club then has a set of headphones set to the two frequencies to listen to whichever DJ you prefer. What also is fun, is to just take your headphones off and listen to all the drunken people singing to two different songs, and try to guess which is which. I chose to stay sober folllowing the awful hangover I'd been having all day, and while it meant the night was a little boring toward the end when everyone else was particularly drunk, I did appreciate being able to get up this morning without too much trouble, hehe.

The diet has been going very well so far too, which is great. Following the great hangover of 2010, I still havent got much of an appetite back, but a long gym session with my home girl Sofee made me feel totally energised again and ready to crack on with my exciting essay about some antidiabetic drugs that I can't spell the name of right now, and their mechanism of action (which involves those evil nuclear receptors that I thought I was rid of after completing the receptors module last year, but they have come back to haunt me!).

Oh, I also did another mentor shift tonight, and tried desperately to persuade people to sign up for my murder mystery party that I have been organising for weeks now. I need at least 20 people to come, and thankfully already have 10 sign-ups. So fingers crossed we get another 10 by tuesday! Will keep you posted...

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