Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday Weight Update

Each wednesday night I will be trotting along to my Slimming World class, and seeing whether I got away with my naughty treats for the week. Alas this week I didnt :( I put on a pound. But it was totally deserved. Tomorrow the diet will start again with a vengeance, and I am determined to loose some weight by next week. I have a booze-filled friday night to look forward to (after a chinese buffet lunch with the family) so will be a challenge, but I will be back to my beloved Zumba class on monday, so hopefully that will help. Either way, I've still lost over 2 stone since I've started, so this is just a minor hiccup.


EuropeCrazy said...

2 stone eh! Congratulations, you're doing really well. A few of my workmates have been on Slimming World and have lost a lot of weight, so it seems to be a really successful weight loss plan. Don't worry about the odd hiccup as it would be a really dull life if you were to deny yourself the odd meal or refreshment :))

Keira said...

True true. And thank you. I am pretty proud of myself. I'm at my lowest weight in years, but still have quite a way to go. Its been going ok this week, and I'm back to lectures and keeping myself occupied, so fingers crossed the weight will keep dropping off. :)