Saturday, 6 February 2010

Guitar Hero, Cocktails & Dancing = Happiness

So I have been at home for two days now, and loving it. Its so nice to have other sources of entertainment than a laptop. I watched some TV with my mum (dancing on ice and corination street, staples of my mums tv diet), and have been taking advantage of my brothers christmas present. He got an Xbox, along with Guitar Hero, which I have successfully kicked his butt at ever since :) I am particularly pleased with my 358 note streak on Bleed American. Its the one computer game that I am good at. I am willing to endure the resulting R.S.I.

Then last night I headed out to Hertford. We started in the Snug in Hertford for some very cheap, very strong cocktails (it pays to know the bar staff), before heading onto the Stonehouse for a boogie. We may have been one of the first on the dancefloor, but after another bottle of wine and such I didnt care about anyone else. I was just enjoying the music and felt liberated that I knew noone other than my friend and so could dance without any cares in the world. Bliss.

Today my brother has taken over the telly (meaning no cable tv or xbox) so I have been forced back to the internet, but its been a nice break. I dont want to go back to uni :( Although there is plenty to look forward to this week. I think my new semester, new me resolution is going quite well so far :)

Lets add a song. A highlight from last night, and a guilty pleasure I've been enjoying a lot lately...

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