Thursday, 11 March 2010

Weekly Weight Update

So, I know I forgot to do my weekly update last week, but that was mostly because I was too busy and because I put on a pound :( I deserved it that time, but it still didnt make me feel any better. Actually, I was feeling very down about the whole thing and just about ready to give up. But for some reason I got my mojo back on monday, and was good as gold. Also for other girly reasons I was hopeful for a weight loss this week despite a naughty weekend. And I was right! I lost 3.5lb, waaaay more than I expected (or deserved). But that cancels out the 3.5lb I put on in the last two weeks (most of which was undeserved also). So very happy :) I definitely have my mojo back, and am determined to lose another pound this week so that I can finally get that elusive 2.5 stone award!!! Fingers crossed!

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