Saturday, 27 March 2010

My Own Personal Lullaby

I went to see Teitur last night, and fully intend to write about it, but right now I don't have the words to describe it. So instead I'm going to share a song I should have shared a long time ago.

Between the last blog and this one, I got sucked into the Twilight saga. I kind of wanted to see the first film when it came out, but didnt. I wasn't that bothered, I hadn't heard all the hype about it I just heard that it was popular/good. Anyway, this year my friend invited me to watch New Moon. I told her I couldn't go because I hadn't seen the first one, she persevered and said she would lend it to me. Again I avoided saying I'd rather read the book first. So she lent me the book. In a moment of boredom one saturday I picked it up and started reading. I had finished it by tuesday. Long story short, I read all four within a couple of months. I've since found an unpublished incomplete rewriting of the first book from the perspective of Edward, called Midnight Sun, which you can find on Stephanie Meyers website. I've nearly finished that too, and am quite sad because it doesnt go up to as far as the scene in the meadow before it ends (she refused to finish the book after it was leaked).

Anyway, what does this have to do with a song you ask? Well, in the first book, one of the significant scenes involves Edward playing a song he composed for Bella while he was watching her sleep before she knew he loved her, often referred to as Bella's Lullaby. Once plans for a film were confirmed, rumours started about which song would be selected to represent Bella's Lullaby. One that was hotly tipped for a while was the song I am going to share with you. In fact it didn't end up on the movie soundtrack (an original composition was made), but a lot of fan videos still exist on youtube if you look for them.

The song is called River Flows In You, and its a truly beautiful piece of piano music performed by a Korean composer called Yiruma. I've since found some of his other pieces and many of them are just as beautiful, although this one still remains my favourite. I often listen to it as my own lullaby, to help me drift off to sleep. Enjoy

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