Monday, 8 March 2010


No, it isn't anything to do with Apple. The i stands for international. The iExhibition is the main(ish) event of the iFestival at our university, which is a week long (2 week this year I think in fact) celebration of the diverse cultures represented by various clubs and societies here at the university. In the union building Rubix tonight there will be stalls from the different societies representing its country and providing info and free food :) This year there is even rumoured to be Meerkats and Snakes! How that relates, I'm not entirely sure, but I hope its so.

Anyway, this event has a special meaning for me and Rach as it is where we first took the decks two years ago to provide some euro beats for the evening. And we will be DJing live again tonight. One of the best things about doing the show is to be able to hear our favourite tracks through a decent sound system. Hearing it blaring out of the union speakers is even better! I can't wait :)


EuropeCrazy said...

Meerkats eh!! Will you be comparing them????

Hope you and Rach enjoy your superstar DJ appearance!

Anyway I've just caught the last half hour of SoE (will catch the rest on Listen Back) - and just heard about the temporary disbanding of the dynamic duo - where are you heading off to???

Keira said...

I didnt actually get to see the Meerkats sadly. I did see a parrot, snake, tarantula and a hedgehog though...

And as for the show, I am helping my friend in her campaign to become vice president for welfare in the upcoming student elections, and as the radio is funded by the union and has to remain impartial, they say that I'm not allowed to go on air while voting takes place. Its all bureaucracy, but I want to support my friend, and I'm sure Rachel will do a fab job without me.

I'll be back. You can count on it :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Aww I totally love hedgehogs :))

Happy campaigning! Hope your friend wins the election. Anyway I'm relieved to hear that your departure will only be short-term. And yes of course Rachel will do fine.

I'm listening to the first 90 mins of last night's show on Listen Back - great as ever.

And as for Mando Diao, they had an album out last year called "Give Me Fire" - there were two good singles on it, "Dance With Somebody" and "Gloria" - check them out.