Monday, 15 March 2010

On The Mend

I've been feeling like I've been heading for a breakdown since saturday morning really. Been a bit of a train wreck. But today (well, just a few hours ago really) I turned a corner. I have done the washing up, I am planning to tidy my room shortly. I also regained some of my self-respect. And I helped out campaigning for my dear friend and ex-housemate Diana to be elected VP Welfare. Voting for the student union positions opened today, and so have been out in my red t-shirt giving out flyers to passers-by trying to get people to vote for her. And not just because she is my friend, but because I genuinely believe she would make a good VP Welfare. But thats made me feel good, to do something for a friend. I think I'm beginning to work my way out of my rut.

Anyway, because I'm helping Diana to campaign, it means I can't do my radio show for the next two weeks (conflict of interest, the radio station has to remain impartial). It will be weird to be listening at home without being there myself. But good luck to Rachel, I know it will be a great show :)

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