Sunday, 21 March 2010

Lose Control

I began following Miro, the Bulgarian entry for eurovision, on twitter recently, and he shared his video for Angel Si Ti on friday. I was mighty impressed. Bulgaria seem to be really going for it this year. I'm hoping for an impressive stage design to back up one of the stronger songs in this years contest.

I've also been checking out some of his earlier stuff on youtube. I like this nice ballad-ish song called Avgust e Septemvri, which I believe means August is September. You can't wrong with a nice guitar solo to finish things off. Its nice. He's also looking rather nice. Not sure about the trenchcoat mind you...

In the two videos above he kind of reminds me of my Finnish friends Slovenian boyfriend. Probably only because of his eastern europeaness and facial hair. And my Finnish friend certainly doesnt agree (she thinks he looks more like Gerard Butler...)
Anyway, in the third and final video I'm going to show you, he most certainly does not remind me of said Slovenian! Its a bit raunchy, but from what I've managed to translate its actually a love song :/ Its called Gubia Kontrol, or Lose Control.

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