Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lecturers say the funniest things

There's a new facebook group been set up to celebrate the ridiculous analogies one of my favourite lecturers, Proffesor Bushell, would use to describe microbiological systems. Here's some examples of his classic gems...

"Imagine you're blind, deaf and dumb and you are wandering aimlessly eating plates of baked beans and the only way you can sense anyone else is there is if they are eating from the same plate of baked beans" - On chemical signalling between fungal organisms

"See I'm not a very good cook, if you come around to my house for dinner I'll just cook you Mars Bars and cabbage, so you'll start on the Mars Bars and only once they're all gone you'll start on the cabbage instead" - On restricting nutrients

"I got some PHD students, put them in a submarine and shrunk it. Then we sent them into the middle of a colony. They died... Noones noticed... yet..." On oxygen restriction in the middle of colonies in a culture

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

We've Gotta Go Back Marty!

Last night I went to the cinema to see the rerelease of Back to the Future. A very good film, and 25 years on is still good fun and stands up well against the current crop of films. Honestly we couldnt find anything else to watch at our cinema so we made the 30minute trip to the bigger cinema outside of town in order to see this one. I think we made the right choice. Michael J Fox is a great little actor and I love watching films from when big actors started out (Johnny Depp in Nightmare on Elms Street being another classic). I havent seen any of the sequels but I think I might have to hunt down some copies. If you havent seen the first (which I cant imagine how you could have missed it) you should difinitely give it a chance.

You've Been Tango-ed

Sooo... where to start with the catch up. Not really sure where to start. Easiest thing to start with might be Antti Tuisku in Finnish Strictly Come Dancing. I was on Ladbrokes website looking at various odds for things and discovered that you can place bets on the Finnish version of the show. Antti is second favourite to win. I didnt recognise any of the other names competing, but Mikko Leppilampi (host of eurovision 2007) is hosting the show. Here's a clip of Antti's tango from last week.

Monday, 11 October 2010


Hello world.

I very tentatively return to my blog. I said that more recently about twitter and then never returned again, so this may be a very short lived return... but we'll see how it goes. Now the summer is over, and I'm into the routine of work, I'm hoping to find time on the odd tea break to get back to blogging. I just hope I havent lost too many readers along the way.

Eurovision season is slowly warming up. Antti Tuisku is in the Finnish Strictly Come Dancing. X-Factor has won me over (against my will and as a conversation topic at work), and the apprentice is on. Yes, leaving uni and returning to a house with cable TV has reawoken my TV habits. I do have a life outside of TV too though... I joined a knitting club! Haha.

Do stay tuned. I will post more. Promise.