Thursday, 21 October 2010

Lecturers say the funniest things

There's a new facebook group been set up to celebrate the ridiculous analogies one of my favourite lecturers, Proffesor Bushell, would use to describe microbiological systems. Here's some examples of his classic gems...

"Imagine you're blind, deaf and dumb and you are wandering aimlessly eating plates of baked beans and the only way you can sense anyone else is there is if they are eating from the same plate of baked beans" - On chemical signalling between fungal organisms

"See I'm not a very good cook, if you come around to my house for dinner I'll just cook you Mars Bars and cabbage, so you'll start on the Mars Bars and only once they're all gone you'll start on the cabbage instead" - On restricting nutrients

"I got some PHD students, put them in a submarine and shrunk it. Then we sent them into the middle of a colony. They died... Noones noticed... yet..." On oxygen restriction in the middle of colonies in a culture

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Frederick said...

Very effective piece of writing, thanks for your post.