Monday, 11 October 2010


Hello world.

I very tentatively return to my blog. I said that more recently about twitter and then never returned again, so this may be a very short lived return... but we'll see how it goes. Now the summer is over, and I'm into the routine of work, I'm hoping to find time on the odd tea break to get back to blogging. I just hope I havent lost too many readers along the way.

Eurovision season is slowly warming up. Antti Tuisku is in the Finnish Strictly Come Dancing. X-Factor has won me over (against my will and as a conversation topic at work), and the apprentice is on. Yes, leaving uni and returning to a house with cable TV has reawoken my TV habits. I do have a life outside of TV too though... I joined a knitting club! Haha.

Do stay tuned. I will post more. Promise.

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