Wednesday, 12 January 2011

MGP; First Semi-Final

Eurovision season is a go! This weekend sees the first of the semi-finals of both the Norwegian and Icelandic national selections. NRK have published full versions of the songs for Norways first semi-finals. Here's my thoughts after an initial listen...

* Carina Dahl, Guns and Boys: A bit of a Lady GaGa feel to this. Doesn't really work for me though. Something about her voice that isn't quite right.
* Use Me, Daisy: Much more my type of thing, but not really what I like to hear in Eurovision. They've got a bit of a GreenDay style drum beat, which I like. Didnt really listen to the lyrics, but I like his voice.
* Helene Bøksle, Vardlokk: An ethnic ballad in the stle of Alvedansen from a few years ago. Not quite as good though.
* Sie Gubba, Alt Du Vil Ha: Straight away took a dislike to this. It improves with the chorus, but even the fiddle couldn't save it. Its just too old-fashioned for me. Oh, good use of drop&surge though! Nice surprise near the end.
* Gatas Parlament, Jobbe Litt Mindre Og Tjene Litt Mer: Oh dear, this is just a bit of a mess. A blend of far too many styles. Accordions, drunken style singing, rap?! Kinda of grew to like it by the end though... in that way where you know you really shouldn't...
* Sichelle, Trenger Mer: Ah, promising intro... Bit more Scandi-electro-pop. More my thing. Ah yes, I think this is my favourite so far. Its success will depend heavily on the stage performance though I feel.
* Åste & Rikke, Not That Easy: Oh dear, no I don't like this at all. Bit too odd, and although could be potentially catchy after repeated listens, I don't think it makes a good first impression. Verses are just too disjointed.

If you want to listen for yourself, all the clips are available here...


Christine said...

Whatch Sichelles musicvideo <3

Bernard said...

Well, I do not really imagine this is likely to work.
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Jonah said...

It won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's what I believe.
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