Thursday, 20 January 2011

Good Luck Comes in Threes =)

Things are all looking up in the world of Keira. I haven't spoken much about my personal life on this blog of late, but there are some big changes going on. For starters, yesterday was my last day of work at 'alcatraz' as one of my colleagues calls it. I've been offered a job with a small company at the Kent Science Park in Sittingbourne. It'll be working on immunoassay design and development, which is in the same vein as what I was doing in Finland. Needless to say I'm very excited about having a proper graduate level job rather than the rubbishy agency job I've been doing since graduating.

Secondly, this obviously mean that I have to relocate. Which has been such a headache given I only handed in my notice two weeks ago, and am starting my new job on Monday! Not much time to find a flat, have all the checks, insurance, furniture, internet, etc etc etc... But! The flat I found is absolutely gorgeous, I've managed to acquire some lovely furniture, and I pick up keys tomorrow!

So then all that is left is to find some hunky men to carry all the furniture to my first floor flat. Well lucky for me I've found a lovely boyfriend who has volunteered. Yes, a new job, new flat and a boyfriend all in the space of a month! These thing don't happen in reality surely? Soon my bubble will be burst. And it will be horrendous. But for now, I'm just gonna enjoy it.

Oh, not to mention, Sittingbourne is only a 20min drive from a certain ex-housemate and co-presenter =D So will have to have many a night in my new flat with my stereo system introducing my neighbours to the world of europop :)


Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Welcome back!

That's great news....things are definitely looking up! I was delighted to hear about the new job, the new home and the new man.

And of course it's great to know that the dynamic duo will now be in close proximity to each other :)

Hoping it all goes well for you!

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