Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What a Week

I have returned from an awesome week in Slovenia. Vid was the best tour guide I could have asked for. He drove me all over the country and filled me in on all (well most) of the history and taught me a lot about the nature and culture. And of course it was lovely to spend time with Mira again. She was my closest friend in Finland, and still is one of my closest friends - i just feel so comfortable with her. I will have numerous photo's and abridged diaries to follow in due course.

After my return, I bought a car! I had a ford fiesta when I first passed my test 4 years ago, but gave him (his name was Freddy) up when I came to uni and have shared my mums Peurgot ever since (which has it in for me btw). I was hoping to get another ford fiesta once I graduated and was lucky enough to find one so soon! A friend of my mum has got to the age where he needs a medical to renew his licence and has decided not to bother, and so wanted to sell his little ford fiesta... the timing could not have been better. Its a purple one this time, and 10 years old, but its in such good condition (he only did 700 miles between MOTs last year!). Its gonna be a shock for the little thing with me bombing about in it all over the place.

And one of the places I'll be bombing off to a lot is work! Yes, thats right, I have found a job. Had an interview at 11am on monday, and by 12 they had offered me the job... I start monday! Super fast. Its not the best job, but its with a good company - a name to be respected on a CV. Plus its still lab based, and only 15mins from home in Herts, so pretty convenient. Its only till April, but its a start, so lets see what comes of it.

All things considered its been a blooming good week :)

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Wow it's all go!!! WELL DONE!

Massive congratulations on getting the job so soon after finishing uni. There's nothing more soul-destroying than coming out of college only to be faced with a long spell of job-hunting (speaks from past experience) so I'm very happy that it's worked out for you.

New job, new car, great holiday....yes all in all it's been a blooming great week :))