Thursday, 3 June 2010

Let The Summer Begin!

Exams are over, uni is finished and the summer is here! I had my last exam on tuesday, and all things considered, I think it went quite well. Fingers crossed I get the 2:1 I'm hoping for. I find out on the 22nd July, so watch this space :)
I starting moving some stuff home yesterday. I had a car-full and there is still plenty left. I am still mentoring, so will go back this weekend to do my shift before the final (?) Sounds of Europe show on monday :( After that though, I shall hopefully be jetting off to Slovenia to spend a few days with a good friend of mine from Finland. Hoping for good weather so that we can spend plenty of time outside in the sunshine, and do a spot of swimming in some of the lakes :)

After that though, the job hunting starts with a vengeance. In fact it already has, I have two job interviews lined up for the next few weeks (one tomorrow and one for after Slovenia). Both are only temporary contracts, but I'm happy with anything science-related at the minute really.

I might have time for a bit of blogging this weekend, but if not, I shall return with some Slovenia diaries after my trip.

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Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Bet you're glad the exams are over!! Hope you have lots of fun in Slovenia - that seems such a beautiful and unspoilt country which should be the perfect place to unwind after all that exam-stress.

Good luck for tomorrow night's show, Monday nights (and Listen Back-midweeks) will never be the same again :(